michael jongho moon

student in statistics

University of Toronto

Hi! My name is Michael Moon and I am studying statistics at the University of Toronto. You can check my full CV at About. You can check out my current projects below. If you are interested in what I do when I am not working, I (am trying to) keep a random collection of thoughts and things at my Blog.

  • teaching statistics
  • statistic communication
  • social statistics
  • PhD in Statistical Sciences, In progress

    University of Toronto

  • MSc in Biostatistics, 2016

    Dalla Lana School of Public Health, University of Toronto

  • BASc in Systems Design Engineering, 2013

    University of Waterloo

Current Projects

mverse: An R package for multiverse analysis

mverse is an extension to multiverse package (Sarma et al. 2021) which allows users create explorable multiverse analysis (Steegen et al. 2016) in R. This extension provides user friendly abstraction and a set of examples for researchers, educators, and students in statistics.

Multi-state modelling of opioid usage, addiction, and overdose

Opioid addiction and overdose is an ongoing crisis in the United States and Canada. While many researchers have attempted to explain the epidemic and its impacts, the existing researches have paid little attention to the interim transitions that lead to opioid abuse, overdose, and death. This project proposes a theoretical approach to understanding the transitions providing probabilistic estimates for the transitions rates in a multi-state modelling framework. The project aims to provide insight on how the crisis is affecting different demographic groups at different stages of opioid usage.